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PHILOMATHS is a non-profit


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Université Populaire du14ème
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Science Popularization, Science for Everyone ”


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Debates-Conferences will restart in




with a new series of topics
related with the new


A first debate-conference on


« How and why planes fly »


with participation of Flight captain, Flight Test pilot, Flight Engineer and Flight Test Executif people.


Date will be specified as soon as the
aviability of the speakers and the room will be confirmed.



Hope meeting You !






On September, 27


Denis Chadebec



had exposed


« Geometry at School :

how to use it to loving that ?»



Slides of Denis Chadebec’s

can be found here :


Soon as possible!








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PHILOMATHS is a non-profit organization law 1901. Its purpose is to promote Science and disseminate scientific knowledge to any kind of public to increase the scientific culture of our societies in any scientific field and their applications. However, considering the importance of certain disciplines in our daily lives, PHILOMATHS focuses on mathematics, biology, medicine, philosophy of science, ecology and any other field linked to these particular disciplines.

‘Any question on Science? PHILOMATHS answers to it! Do not hesitate to contact us and meet with our group!


‘Science for everyone, with equation If necessary… but only after!’


Last but not least, the texts published on are under their authors responsibilities. It is their own view.


Non exhaustive Program preview


Approximately 6 conferences per year are planned. This number may vary depending on scientific opportunities and the availability of volunteer speakers. The next two conferences will be:

On the one hand:

‘Electricity and Magnetism: choose one’s lines of force?’

And on the other hand:

‘Superconductivity: levitation and applications’, including epitaxy.

For more details, contact us at:


… et Maison des Associations du 14ème
22, rue Deparcieux
75014 Paris

(RATP Bus 88 arrêt Froidevaux – Gassendi »


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For information:

We welcome everyone of good will with a modest annual fee comprised between 8, 12 and 50 euros, which takes into account the applicant’s status and aspirations within the organization. Donations, from the humblest to the most generous ones, will always be accepted with enthusiasm by organizing members.





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